Like any bike, a Wing will require regular service to ensure a safe and enjoyable ride through its lifetime. Whenever possible, we recommend taking your Wing to a professional bike shop (preferably a Wing dealer when possible) for service. Please be sure to review the owner’s manual for detailed safety and service instructions.

All Wing bikes and their components carry the following manufacturer warranty with the original owner:

Frame – 1 year (or length of time selected at checkout).

Battery – 1 year (or length of time selected at checkout) or 800 complete cycles (our battery is rated to deliver 80% of initial capacity after 800 complete charge/discharge cycles)

Electronics – 1 year (or length of time selected at checkout).

Components (excluding tires, tubes, brake pads, rotors, kickstands, cables & housing, pedals, cranks, forks, bottom brackets, headsets, seat clamps and grips) – 1 year (or length of time selected at checkout).

The Wing Warranty is only valid in the United States but parts and support is still available worldwide to the original owner

NOTE: The battery warranty becomes void if the battery isn't maintained and stored according to our Battery Charging and Maintenance, and Long-Term Battery Storage procedures, as outlined in our FAQ page, and assembly and user manuals. Any battery failures that result from these procedures not being followed correctly, will not be eligible for remedy under the terms of the warranty.

All WING products carry a 1 year manufacturer's warranty, unless another length of time is selected at checkout and unless otherwise mentioned above. This warranty is only applicable to the original owner of the bike and only to bikes bought through an authorized Wing dealer and that haven't been involved in an accident or modified from their original specifications.