In the fall/winter collection 2023 we therefore find a lot of details and highlights. Individuality should be in the foreground. Destroyed elements, expressive statements and special washes characterise the collection. For example, there are handmade embroideries on sweatshirt jackets, alternatively also on jumpers. Due to the individual stitch, no two pieces are alike. Furthermore, we are increasingly focusing on special finishes that require a human touch: these include colour-contrasting spray effects as well as various tie-dye or batik processes on sweaties, dresses, jackets and coats. In other words, even outdoor clothing does not stop at the „handmade touch“. Every piece should and may look unique. Prints are increasingly handwritten or pencil drawings with a clear style are used as artwork. In addition to clean surfaces, the collection also features various destroyed and destressed elements. These occasional punk effects bring roughness and coolness to the collection. New laser techniques help to create a cool and urban look.




Founder & head of design. Sybille Mezger studied in Antwerp at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts and in Hamburg at the Designhochschule. For more than 10 years she was Head of Design at Hugo Boss and afterwards worked for years as a consultant. In 2012 she realized her dream and founded her own brand liv bergen. Her first collection consists of eight jersey styles, which she presented at the Berlin fashion week. The collection grows from season to season. Jersey and sweatshirt styles are still the core of the brand. Each collection is complemented by new styles, such as accessories and coats, and now includes over 150 pieces. liv bergen is represented by international agencies and sold worldwide. come and liv with us.




things can also get a little more glamorous again. For example, shiny foil prints are integrated into the winter collection. However, these are finished with a vintage process to break up the luxurious look, because urban glamour is more to our liking. In terms of colour, it is a slightly more calmed down image compared to previous seasons. Nevertheless, colour is an important part of liv bergen‘s DNA and so this season you will find an interesting mix of fresh colours such as strong magenta, spicy orange and cool petrol alongside sophisticated khaki and olive tones, calm sand, beige and cream shades as well as various shades of grey and blue. The collection is very much influenced by the 80s and 90s. So-called „moon-washed“ pieces with push-button detailing are particularly reminiscent of this era. There are also many expressive and elegant pieces in the collection: the mini skirt brings a subtle sexiness to the collection. Whereas the midi skirt - this season in ribbed knit - is still in focus and is paired with casual patchwork jumpers. An oversized boyfriend blazer and a sporty coat made of a rather coarse, almost felt-like wool convince with interesting stripe detailing on the back. The typical liv bergen pinch of humour is not to be missed this season either - a funny cartoon jumper makes sure of that: That don‘t impress me much!